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The Discover Rebrather Course with Remote Area Dive

Who should take this program?

Rebreathers are intriguing. They’re cutting-edge dive technology. Always wanted to try one? The Discover Rebreather program lets you dive with a recreational rebreather or a technical closed circuit rebreather (CCR) in controlled conditions with a Rebreather Instructor or CCR Instructor. You'll discover how quiet diving can be without bubbles and quickly learn how different buoyancy control is. A Discover Rebreather experience is an ideal opportunity to give rebreathers a try before you sign up for a full course. Or, if you’re already a rebreather diver, you can participate in the program to try a new or different type of rebreather.

You need to be a Open Water Diver, Nitrox diver, at least 18 years old and have a minimum of 15 logged dives to sign up for a Discover Rebreather program.

What will you learn?

Your Rebreather Instructor or CCR Instructor will explain how rebreathers work and go over basic safety and operational instructions, such as what the rebreather is telling you through the gauges and heads up display (HUD). In the water, your instructor will help you adjust your unit and get comfortable before letting you swim around and explore.

How can you start learning now?

Contact us at Remote Area Dive to ask about Rebreathers and TDI courses. Dive centers and resorts that offer technical diving courses will usually display the TDI LOGO on there shop window. 

What scuba gear will you use?

You’ll want to have your mask,fins and exposure suit. Your Rebreather Instructor or CCR Instructor will have the rebreather for you to use.

Next Step:

Give rebreathers a try:

  • Sign up for a Discover Rebreather experience.
  • Download a Standard Safe Technical Diving Practices Statement of Understanding.
  • Browse the Our course Catalog.


Rebreather Try DIVE              $250.00